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Walking Trail

...For Your Enjoyment and Good Health 

Do you have the "Sitting Disease"?

Easy diagnosis:  If you sit for six or more hours each day, you are a good canidate for "Sitting Disease".  Because of a sedentary lifestyle, your life expectancy is shorter and the risk increases for cardiovascular disease and cancer.

An easy cure for this disease is to get up and walk.  

Benefits of Walking

There are so many benefits of walking and the McBee Recreation Complex offers you a 1.1 mile asphalt lighted walking trail.  Its free and easy to do.  There are so many ways to enjoy our walking trail.  The trail is designed to give you a flat area or walk the entire trail, which has a couple of inclines, to give you a little challenge. 

  • Take a leisurely stroll
  • Brisk walking for aerobic benefits
  • Run or Jog
  • Meet with friends and form a walking group
  • Get the stroller and the baby and take a walk
  • Walk with your family
The health benefits of walking are numerous.  The Arthritis Foundation lists 12 benefits of this easy exercise:

  • Walking improves circulation
  • Walking shores up your bones
  • Walking leads to a longer life
  • Walking lightens your mood
  • Walking can lead to weight loss
  • Walking strengthens muscles
  • Walking improves sleep
  • Walking supports your joints
  • Walking improves your breath
  • Walking slows mental decline
  • Walking lowers Alzheimer's risk
  • Walking helps you do more, longer
Great benefits for an easy way to get up and move.

Children and Walking

What a wonderful way to get your children outside and enjoy family time.  Sitting in school all day, then coming home and sitting to complete homework, playing video games or watching TV is taking a toil on the health of our children.  Taking them to the trail and walking all or part of the path, will have a tremendous impact on your child's health.  Just 30 minutes a day improves their health and metabolism. The social benefits should not be ignored either.  Walking with family gives each of you the opportunity to spend some quality time together.  

Make the decision today and go walking.