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Common Questions

...about your utility bill from the Town of McBee

Do you have questions about your Town of McBee utility account or how your utility servcies are billed?

Since many customers share the same questions, the most common questions and answers are listed here to assist you.

If you don't find the answer to your question, check out other sections of this website or contact the Utility Department by email or call 843-335-8474 Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

My bill is really high this month. Is it possible I have a leak?
Yes, it is quite possible.  Fixing a leak can be quick and easy, and often doesn't cost much.  The water that is wasted can quickly add up to an expensive water bill, not to mention the wasted water and energy from just supplying that water to a home or business.  

A leaky toliet flapper can cost less than $5 to fix, but save more than 200 gallons per day.

If you are unsure whether you have a leak, call our office and we will send a technician to check your meter.  If you find and fix a leak, you may be eleigible for a leak adjustment to your bill.  Review the Leak Adjustment guidelines to determine if you may qualify, and how to submit a leak adjustment request to Utility Billing.
What is the billing cycle and how long do I have to pay my bill?
The billing cycle is monthly for all customers.

Payments are due 20 days from the bill date.
Can I pay my bill online? phone?
The Town of McBee accepts all major credit / debit cards for your convenience. You may call 843-335-8474 to make a payment by phone. We are not accepting online payments at this time. 
Can I have my utility bill paid automatically out of my bank account each month?
Yes. Out AutoPay option does just that.  Fill out and submit the Bank Draft Authorization form.
Is there a fee for requesting new service?
A $50,00 service initation fee will be assessed for each address and each meter.

This will be refunded when the account is closed with a zero balance.
What do I do if my services are interrupted for nonpayment?
  • You will be required to pay your FULL past due balance prior to reconnection of services.  This will also include a $25 reconnection fee.
  • When full payment is received by the Town of McBee, a work order will be submitted and a technician is dispatched to reinstate the utility services as quickly as possible. NOTE: payments received after 3 p.m. will not be reinstated until the following day.

Ensure that all faucets are turned off and stoppers in sinks and tubs are open prior to service reconnection to prevent accidental flooding.

Do I need to close my utility account when I move away?
Yes. If you are planning to move, remember to stop your Town of McBee utilities account by notifying the Utility Department, with the date you want your services stopped and your new mailing address.  

This will ensure that your final bill is processed correctly and that your account will be closed.  If you don't contact the Utility Department, you could be responsible for paying the utility bills at your old address until a new account is initiated by a new resident or owner.
Why am I being charged a late fee and how is it calculated?
A late fee of 10% of the past due amount is applied to any account with a past due balance.  An account with a past due amount is also subject to disconnection of water if not received by the cut-off date.

To avoid late fees and service disruptions, be sure to pay the total amount due on or before the due date.
The utility account is in the name of a person who is now deceased. Does this need to be changed?
Yes. The account holder must be the responsible party (i.e., the surviving spouse or descendant, an estate or trust, etc.)
Contact the Utility Department to assist you with changing the account.
Can I reference the Town of McBee's ordinances that govern utility services and payments?
For your reference, the Town's ordinances can be found at Ordinances - Utilities
Can I get an adjustment to my water bill if I had a leak on my property?
Yes, under certain conditions water leak adjustments may be made for leaks that have been repaired, or for exceptional unexplained increases in consumption that have been validated by a plumber and/or the Utility Department of the Town of McBee.  

Please see our Leak Adjustment policy and fill out and submit your request.
What do I do if I am experiencing low water pressure?

Contact the Utility Department at 843-335-8474 and report low pressure for your home and we will dispatch a technician to check your meter for needed repair.

Who should I contact if I experience problems with my water?
Questions concerning your water can be directed to 843-335-8474 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For emergencies after business hours, the Utility Department may be reached at 843-260-5053.