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Annual Budget

Through the Town's annual budget process, the Town Council makes decisions on the level and types of services provided to residents with local, State and Federal funds.

Adoption of a budget determines, in many respects, the level of resources to be available for Town services over the coming budget year.  The budget process is one of the most important functions and responsibilities of the Council, and it is also a key opportunity for residents' participation in Town government.

The Town of McBee operates on a fiscal year of July 1 through June 30, with the budgeting process beginning in February and continuing through April.  A proposed budget is presented in May during the Town Council meeting, with a Public hearing and second reading with adoption held in June.  The approved budget addresses goals prevously identified by the Council and incorporates the discussions of Council and staff during the budget process.

As the financial masterplan for the Town of McBee, this budget will change and develop as circumstances arise.  As more information becomes available, Council will act to modify this plan to better provide for the needs of the Town.  A budget review is held during January to insure the current budget meets the needs of the Town.  

Budget Information

2022 - 2023

Goal of a Municipal Budget

The goal of a municipal budget is to allocate resources to public services and projects, and balance the resources drawn from the community against the demands for services and projects, while keeping municipal taxes within acceptable limits and ensuring that services are sufficient to allow economic growth and social stability (Bland & Rubin 1997:4) 

Purpose of A Municipal Budget

  • A Planning Process - is a financial part of a municipality's plan of operations.
  • A Management Process - serves as a plan of action to achieve a municipality's objectives.
  • Financial Coordination and Order Process - the municipal budget acts as measurable objectives and a method to acheive said objectives.
  • A Policy-formulating Instrument - a municipal budget determines which services should be rendered with available funds.
  • A Policy Declaration Instrument - a municpal budget states the financial implications of future spending.
  • As an Instruction Document - a municipal budget ensures that the mandate of Council is implemented.
  • A Source of Financial Information to the Community -  the muncipal budget becomes public information, upon adoption, as budget decisions impact each and every resident, business and community user.
Budget Process

Strategic Plan

  • Council's plan for now and the future that incorporates public input and directs Administration on a path to follow.
  • Council will review how the Strategic Plan relates to Services.

  • The Services that the Town of McBee Provides to its residents and bordering residents and businesses as well as future residents and businesses.
  • Council will review services to determine budgeting priorities.
Public Input

  • Obtaining input from taxpayers related to budget decisions.
  • Council will endorse various types of public input be sought in regards to reviewing services offered, services requested, and other budgeting related items.

  • An instrument that allows Council to guide the economic, social, political and other activities of the community in a certain direction to realize predetermined goals and objectives as outlined in the startegic plan.
  • Council will approve a budget process, timeline and ultimately the final budget
  • Council will provide the Town Administrator and staff with direction regarding financial matters such as reserve levels, grant usage, debt usage, and growth factors.